It is truly an honor to receive these testimonials.

Nate and Laura Rivers

Nine and a half years ago Nate and I were unsure of Charlie’s future due to his complex heart condition Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS).  We still do not know what the future holds for him (or any of us for that matter), but what we do know is that God has placed some angels here on earth for us to meet in person.  You and Helen are two of those angels.  Today’s fishing trip was so special to ALL of us.  Thank you so much to God’s Outdoor Angels for making today possible.  The fishing, food, drinks, and gifts, everything was perfect.  Words are not enough, but please know we are extremely thankful.


Nate and Laura

Addam Chipps

This was an absolutely amazing experience, we brought two veteran groups together.  God’s Outdoor Angels worked with the Fallen Outdoors to bring four disabled veterans together for an amazing experience.  Three of the veterans knew each other and have experience bird hunting but the fourth had never bird hunted.  We got to see a veteran who had never bird hunted fall in love with the craft.  Len was an amazing host and you can tell he brings a positive spirit to the organization.  This organization is the epitome of a charity that lifts people up.  Thank you for the opportunity and experience, I will never forget it.

Eric Winters

I had a wonderful opportunity when selected for my 1st ever pheasant hunt, due to the collaboration of Len at Gods Outdoor Angels, Addam of the Fallen Outdoors, Jim of Mason-Dixon Outfitters and many others that made this trip/hunt possible through donations and support.  29 Dec 2022 was a day to be remembered for 4 Service Disabled Veterans.  Wishing all the best to GOA, TFO, MDO, and the Veterans I met, and people supporting Veterans and the Military….THANKS!

Matt Killian

Had an amazing opportunity presented to me by God’s Outdoor Angels Foundation for a hunt at the Wilderness Lodge in Everette, PA.  Got a chance to hit the reset button, enjoy some camaraderie with a few new brothers, eat some amazing food and harvest a big old pig to provide food for my family.  Big thanks to Timothy Curran for setting up this hunt.  From the woods to the smoker in less than 12 hours.  It absolutely does not get any better than that.

Matt Killian


Racheau Lipscomb

Len, words cannot express the blessing God’s Outdoor Angels Foundation is to disabled veterans and chronically/seriously ill children.  Last week’s striper fishing trip demonstrates the foundation’s pure and dedicated commitment to honoring those who are suffering with a debilitating disease or have been disabled in service to our country.  Although catching our limit far exceeded our expectations, providing world-class “eats” (including the bushel crabs that were divine), allowing us to enjoy God’s beautiful waterborne beauty, and most of all enjoying anointed fellowship made the trip one of the most memorable of which I’ve been a part.  May God continue to bless you, Len and God’s Outdoor Angels Foundation as your perpetual and blessed dedication and commitment to your cause enlightens the lives of many more in the future!  To God be the Glory!

Harley Mckee

My son Wyatt who loves fishing and country music was born with only half a heart and is currently waiting on a transplant. 

Harley Mckee

My husband and I have talked a lot about making sure he enjoys the heck out of life because you never know what tomorrow will bring. By sheer chance a group called Gods Outdoor Angels saw Wyatt on Facebook singing with his favorite country singer and offered to take him on a fishing trip. He had a absolute blast fishing for fish bigger then he was then we found out his favorite singer also caught these fish and he is just over the moon and tells everyone about his big fish he named Blake Shelton! 

I can not thank Gods Outdoor Angels enough for setting this all up and taking him on a fishing trip he will never forget! They are one amazing group and gave us a lasting memory to cherish just seeing his smile makes my heart happy!

David Sebastiani

I want to thank Len and God’s Outdoor Angels for the opportunity to hunt with Mason Dixon Outfitters. My son and I joined Len along with 3 other veterans to hunt upland birds. My son was able to get his first pheasant on this hunt because of the generosity of Len and God’s Outdoor Angels.  This is a memory I will never forget! Because of Len and his organization, I have made new friends for life and memories that will last a life time.  Words cannot express the thanks I owe Len and God’s Outdoor Angels. 

David Sebastiani

Upland Bird Hunt

Chris Lucas

Good hunt and brother hood. Thanks to everyone who put on this hunt. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart. I got my first bird and I am hooked. It was a pleasure to meet and hunt wait all of you. I had a wonderful time. I want to thank everyone from God’s Outdoor Angels, Mason-Dixon Outfitters and all who helped coordinate this event for the opportunity. I truly appreciate it


Chris Lucas

Eric Searcy

My name is Eric Searcy.  20 years ago, during my freshman year of college, while living out my dream of playing college baseball at ULL, a drunk driver ran a red light and struck my vehicle.  The accident left me paralyzed from the neck down. After years of rehabilitation, I was able to regain most of the use of my arms but not my hands.  My biggest fear was that my hunting and fishing days were finished.

After years of trial and error, I learned how to shoot a gun from a device my friends helped me build.  Thankfully, I am now able to hunt everything I hunted before the accident, although it’s quite a bit more difficult.

I am writing today in support of God’s Outdoor Angels. I have been on several hunting adventures.  The greatest part of these adventures was this: when I was in the woods, I didn’t have to think about the day-to-day struggles I face living the life as a quadriplegic. It was extremely refreshing to have these special times to clear my mind. It was the best mental therapy anyone living with a disability could have. Moments like these are literally what keep me going. I strongly support this organization and ask that you do the same.

Eric Searcy

eric searcy

Tim Curran

“I was both shocked and humbled to learn that I would be going on a hunt of a lifetime with God’s Outdoor Angels.

I quickly learned that my experience would be less about the hunt and more about the people. While the hunt brought us together, the time spent with Len from God’s Outdoor Angels and the guides from the outfitter made the experience unforgettable.

I was welcomed with open arms and by the end of the trip, we had truly become family.

Time spent in nature with good people was better than any therapy session could ever be. The amount of stress in my life lately, both due to injuries from my time in the military and stress from everyday life, seemed to just fade away.

I have no doubt that I have made friends for life and the memories had will be some of the best of my life. Thank you for all that you do!”

Tim Curran
Disabled USMC Veteran – 2005-2013

It was truly an honor to receive from Tim his battalion badge and challenge coin.
Tim Curran Hunt
Tim Curran
Hailey Smith

Hailey Smith

“A wonderful group called God’s Outdoor Angels offered to take Hailey and the rest of her family on a fishing trip to Lake Anna. 

We stayed at a beautiful B&B, enjoyed a wonderful dinner with our hosts, and of course a totally awesome fishing trip.  As you can see by the smile on Hailey’s face, she liked fishing!  She was also very good at it, and reeled in most of these fish. 

We can’t thank God’s Outdoor Angels, and the Nicewonger family enough for such a fun outing!  It’s a great organization Hunt-Fish-Heal, they work with Vets and kids.”

“Things are not always easy, but the kindness we have been shown throughout Hailey’s recovery has been amazing.”

Referring Someone

Know someone who would benefit from this foundation? 

We are looking for children age 18 years old and younger that are chronically/seriously ill and disabled veterans that are interested in fishing and hunting. 

We have a working relationship with fishing boats in Maryland and Virginia.  We would be happy to expand that to other states.  Hunting experiences include pheasant/chucker/goose in Maryland. 

We have also established some relationships with a few ranches in Texas.

Tim Curran


Through the support of our partners and sponsors, God’s Outdoor Angels Foundation can continue to provide children and veterans with life changing chartered fishing trips and guided hunting excursions.